Model 4 Us

Modeling for First Class Nudes is a wonderful experience. You will get to work with some of the best photographers as well as be a part of a family that includes the world's most beautiful models.

We are always seeking to work with both new and experienced models. We like to have a good blend of well-known models and new faces, so don't be discouraged if you are new to modeling.

We have developed this page of our most frequently asked questions to give you more information. If you don't see a question answered here please feel free to e-mail us at We look forward to working with you.

Q: How do I apply for a modeling job?
A: Please send us at least four recent photos (preferably nude) with at least one headshot, as well as a little information about yourself. If you already have a personal website, please send us a username & password so that we can view your portfolio. If you do not have any nude pictures of yourself, contact us to see if we can arrange one of our photographers to conduct a short (1 hour) test shoot. Our e-mail address is

Q: Do I need any experience to model for First Class Nudes?
A: No. We want both amateurs and professionals to model for us. Our philosophy is to showcase beautiful, sensual women -- regardless of their experience.

Q: Will I be completely nude in the photo shoot?
A: Yes. The shoots for First Class Nudes require full nudity, similar to Playboy or Penthouse. Nothing that crosses the line to pornography will be shot (no real or simulated sex, no boy/girl shoots, no farm animals -- you get the idea.) Please see our model previews to get an indication of the high quality of our photography and of the nature of our photo shoots.

Q: Is travel required?
A: Possibly. If the shoot cannot be conducted in your home area, we will arrange for you to travel to one of our photographers. We will pay for all travel expenses.

Q: What do I have to bring to the photo shoot?
A: The most important thing is proof of your age (18 years or older). A driver's license or other approved picture I.D. is required. If you forget to bring proof of age, we will not conduct the shoot. You will also need to bring 6 or 7 of your own outfits. We will discuss with you what types of outfits you should bring.

Q: How much do I get paid?
A: The minimum rate for our shoots is $250 for a four-hour shoot and $500 for an eight-hour shoot. The rate may be higher for better known and more experienced models.

Q: When will I get paid?
A: You will be paid immediately after the shoot.

Q: Will I have to sign a release?
A: Yes. We have a standard model release form that you will need to sign as well as have a photograph taken of your face and a valid photo ID. This is the standard form of identification for purpose of validating signed releases.

Q: Can I bring someone to the shoot?
A: Of course. We understand that to feel more comfortable you may want to bring someone along for a little emotional support. You can bring one person to the shoot (husband, boyfriend, best friend, girlfriend, chaperone, etc.) We only have one rule -- please make sure they do not disturb you or in any way interrupt the shoot. If that happens we will ask them to leave and you may not get paid.

Q: Who else will be present during the shoot?
A: There will be a minimum of two others at the shoot the photographer and an assistant. There may also be a hair/makeup person, a videographer and a representative of First Class Nudes. Before the shoot, you will know exactly who will be present there will be no surprises.

Q: Why was I was given a First Class Nudes business card that directed me to this page?
A: A number of our representatives, including other models, were given business cards to hand out to select women to let them know that they possess a special quality that may be of interest to First Class Nudes. You were chosen to be a recipient of the card because of that special physical quality - something that goes beyond typical beauty. The card is our way of letting you know that we'd like to discuss modeling opportunities without intruding on your time.